About the paint

Pulver exports its products to thousands of customers in 40 countries over 3 continents. From aluminum profiles to radiators, from motor vehicles to glass and ceramics – many things in our life are colored with Pulver’s expertise.

Pulver’s history

The first product was launched in 1988 in Turkey, by the Solvenit Uretim company (today known as Elastron). It is the first powder coating manufacturer in Turkey.  Since then, PULVER has continued its activity as one of the biggest producers in Turkey and has become the market leader. Pulver anticipated that the intended growth would be impossible within Istanbul, so, in 1998, their modern equipment was moved to Gebze Industrial Zone, Kocaeli , 50 km from Istanbul.

Pulver dažai


  • Qualicoat, class 1 certificate obtained in 1994.
  • Exports carried out in 3 continents since 1994.
  • ISO 9001 certificate achieved in 1995.
  • Factory moved to Gebze, Kocaeli, in 1998.
  • Antibac® certificate obtained in 1999.
  • Sales increased to 10,000 tons in 2005.
  • WRAS certificate obtained in 2009.
  • Qualicoat, class 2 certificate, achieved before 2010.
  • GSB certificate obtained in 2012.
  • Sales boosted to 20,000 tons in 2014.
  • Production capacity increased to 30,000 tons.
  • Second largest factory in Europe.


Pulver occupies 13,000 m² of closed area located on 27,000 m² of land.

The total area occupied by the group of companies is 80,000 m².