Frequently asked questions

Powder coating is a type of coating where negatively charged dry powder paint is sprayed on a metal surface. The coated work-piece is then heated in the oven where the temperature can reach 200 ⁰C. The heating may take up to half an hour. The powder melts into a uniformly distributed film covering the surface of the work-piece. A powder coated surface is durable, resists scratches and environmental impact.
The powder coating is charged negatively, while the coated surface has a positive charge. Thus, the powder uniformly covers the whole surface. It is very important to treat the work-piece chemically (phosphate) prior to coating.
First of all, it costs less if we consider the durability and quality of powder coating. The powder paint also provides a more uniform coverage of the surface. In addition, it contains less harmful chemical substances and is more resistant to impact and rust. Also, the painting and drying times are considerably shorter.
The melting temperature of powder coating is from 180 to 200 ⁰C.
No. The temperature is too low to damage any kind of metal.
The duration depends on the size of the work-piece and the general amount of work at the given time. In case of the normal workload, the order is carried out in 2-5 days.
The coating film thickness is 30-250 microns.
The cost depends on the price of the chosen paint, the complexity of the painted surface, the quality of the work-piece to be painted, its surface size, and the complexity of the desired effect.
Depending on the product specifics and ordered services, we can provide a guarantee of up to 10 years.